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Patient Stories

Dr. Brent Koch, Dr. Cody Koch, and the exceptional team of skin care professionals in Des Moines at Koch Facial Plastic Surgery & Spa, receive great satisfaction from improving the way their patients look and feel about themselves. Whether they choose a surgical procedure or a medical spa treatment, the people we serve receive our dedicated attention to their comfort, safety, and results. Read the following experiences of just a few of our patients to get a better feel for what it's like to be in our care.

To explore the many ways we can enhance your look, please request a consultation or call our office at (515) 277-5555.

Allison's Story: 10 Years Later, No Photoshop Needed

When Allison's father was getting ready to send his daughter's senior photo to the high school, he remembered a day 10 years earlier when he had brought Allison to Koch Facial Plastic Surgery & Spa. To show his appreciation, he wrote a thank-you note to Dr. Brenton Koch.

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Brenda's Story: Clear Skin at Last

Brenda came to Koch Facial Plastic Surgery & Spa after a couple of years of noticing dark spots on her face that wouldn't fade, even with medication from her family doctor. She was embarrassed by the appearance of her face and was hoping to be able to somehow correct it. Learn how she finally got results at Koch Facial Plastic Surgery & Spa.

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Faye's Story: Professional Skin Care Success

As a self-described "product junkie" who had tried to erase sun spots and other signs of aging with a variety of facial treatments, Faye says she needed help from the Koch team to make a real difference. Find out which treatments help her maintain her beauty and what she has learned.

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Donald's Story: A New Lease on Life After Rhinoplasty

Donald's rhinophyma, a rare skin disorder that makes the nose look bulbous, made him feel very self-conscious in public and began to negatively affect his daily life. His dermatologist referred him to Koch Facial Plastic Surgery & Spa, and Dr. Cody Koch reshaped his nose through rhinoplasty. Now fully healed, Donald is thankful he decided to pursue the procedure and says it has greatly improved his quality of life. Read more about Donald's transformation.

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Kelly's Story: BOTOX® & JUVÉDERM After Scars Healed

Kelly's dermatologist referred her to Koch Facial Plastic Surgery & Spa to diminish the appearance of a scar that developed when she had a basal cell carcinoma removed. After Dr. Koch camouflaged the scar successfully, Kelly mentioned that she'd always wanted to try BOTOX. Three years later, she's still loving her results — and comes in for monthly facials, too. Read more about Kelly's success with facial rejuvenation.

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