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Donald’s Story: A New Lease on Life After Rhinoplasty

A rare skin disorder called rhinophyma robbed Donald of his joy for life, and he wasn’t sure how to get it back. He became self-conscious, avoided going out, and stopped taking care of himself. When he saw his dermatologist about the problem, he referred Donald to us.

Here, Donald tells us about the difficulties of his disorder, and how rhinoplasty at our West Des Moines practice has made him feel like himself again. To see if rhinoplasty may be right for you, please request a consultation or give us a call at (515) 277-5555.

Coping With a Rare Disorder

Patient Donald before and after Rhinoplasty surgery

Due to my rhinophyma, my self-image was pretty bad. I had given up on trying to take care of myself and gained a lot of weight. I went up to 300 pounds, and I didn’t want to go out in public because of people looking at me. Out of fear and doubt, I kept putting off seeking help.

One night, we went out to eat with my stepson’s family, and during the meal my 3-year-old granddaughter said, “Grandpa, you have a big nose.” They started to scold her, but I said, “No, she’s right,” and then I tried to explain my medical condition to her.

Looking for an Answer

Later, I decided to ask my dermatologist what I could do. He sent me to Dr. Cody Koch. I was scared and worried about the pain and the cost. All kinds of things ran through my head: Would it work?

From the very beginning, Dr. Koch and his staff made me feel a lot more relaxed. Dr. Koch explained my options and told me what he would like to do. I felt I could trust him, and we went ahead with the surgery.

On the day of surgery, Dr. Koch eased my nerves (and my wife’s, as well), and afterwards, he came out and explained to my wife how the procedure had gone, which eased her concerns even more. During my healing time, Dr. Koch and his staff made themselves completely available whenever I needed them and saw me often.

A New Way Forward

Since the surgery, I’ve gotten many compliments and my self-image has improved a lot. I’ve started to care about my health again. I’ve lost 40 pounds since the beginning of the year and my relationship with my wife is stronger. She’s losing weight, too. We feel like going out and doing things again.

My overall attitude and moods are much better; my quality of life has shot way up. I even get along better at work. I truly thank Dr. Koch and his staff for their kindness and the great service they gave me. I’m looking forward to life again!