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Brow Lift

The effects of aging are inevitable, and often, the brow and forehead areas show the first signs. The sun and other environmental factors, combined with gravity and time, result in frown lines, wrinkling across the forehead, and an increasing heaviness of the eyebrows and upper eyelids. This heaviness may create an angry or sad appearance that does not reflect how you feel on the inside. A brow lift in West Des Moines at Koch Facial Plastic Surgery & Spa can help women and men restore a smoother brow and a more youthful expression.

Drs. Brent and Cody Koch can help you achieve a more refreshed appearance with a brow lift. As a board-certified facial plastic surgeons, they have extensive training and experience in facial procedures.

If you are are considering brow lift surgery and live in Ames, Ankeny, Urbandale, or the Des Moines area, our doctors can provide answers to your questions. Please request a consultation or call our office at (515) 277-5555. We look forward to meeting you to discuss how you can achieve your cosmetic desires.

Featured Cases

The excellent results our surgeons achieve are the best testament to their skill and artistry. These brow lift before-and-after photos feature actual patients treated in Des Moines at Koch Facial Plastic Surgery & Spa. View additional brow lift before-and-after cases in our gallery.

About Brow Lift

A brow lift is a proven procedure that safely and effectively:

  • Elevates drooping brows
  • Smoothes horizontal lines and furrows of the forehead
  • Restores a calm, youthful appearance to the upper face

Although most patients undergoing brow lifts are between the ages of 40 and 60, the procedure can be performed at any age if the person is in good health. Your doctor will meet with you for a consultation before your procedure to determine if you are a good candidate for brow lift.

Meet Our Doctors

With artistic eyes, precise hands, and understanding hearts, board-certified facial plastic surgeons Drs. Brenton and Cody Koch enhance faces and change lives.

Meet Dr. Cody Koch
Meet Dr. Brenton Koch
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Drs. Brenton Koch and Cody Koch

Meet Our Doctors

With artistic eyes, precise hands, and understanding hearts, board-certified facial plastic surgeons Drs. Brenton and Cody Koch enhance faces and change lives.

Meet Dr. Brenton Koch
Meet Dr. Cody Koch
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Brow Lift Procedure

A brow lift involves tightening loose skin and removing any excess. As a result, forehead wrinkling and drooping brows are corrected. If necessary, your surgeon will alter the muscle that causes vertical lines between the brows. Repositioning forehead skin may be necessary to achieve the optimal improvement in brow lift surgery, attracting attention to opened, more inviting eyes. New techniques include using lighted scopes placed through small, well-hidden incisions within your hairline. This leads to less swelling and bruising, making your recovery time much quicker.

Most brow lift procedures are performed in an outpatient surgery center or our office-based facility. The brow lift procedure itself typically takes between 1 to 2 hours to complete, and is most commonly performed with a combination of local anesthesia and sedation, although general anesthesia is sometimes used.

A brow lift can be performed by itself, but it is commonly performed with an eyelid lift or a facelift.


Many of our brow lift patients report that they experience minimal discomfort after their procedure, however, this can be controlled with prescribed medication. Most are able to return to work after 7 to 10 days, and resume strenuous activities after about a month.

Brow Lift Cost

The cost for an endoscopic brow lift at our Des Moines practice is $4,775 (surgeon’s fee). Additional charges for the surgery center/operating room and anesthesia may apply. During your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Brent or Dr. Cody Koch, which costs $150, you will receive a specific quote for your unique procedure. This payment is applied to the surgeon’s fee should you decide to book your procedure within a year of your consultation.

Keep in mind, these are ballpark prices only and subject to change. No information presented on our website replaces the value of an actual face-to-face consultation and in-office quote presentation.

Your Consultation

Your doctor can discuss all of your options during your brow lift consultation. Des Moines, Iowa, men and women interested in facial plastic surgery are encouraged to request a consultation online or call us at (515) 277-5555 to schedule an appointment.

The nominal consultation fee covers an extensive, personal consultation with either Dr. Brent Koch or Dr. Cody Koch. Your doctor will spend a great deal of time with you, discussing your goals, concerns, and physical and lifestyle considerations. He will listen intently to what you have to say, and together the two of you will develop the best approach to your treatment. Women and men who schedule their surgery at the time of consultation will have their consultation fee applied toward their procedure.